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2007-07-06 14:04:33
Miss Nala


6391.The Tigger
Miss Nala is a Maine Coon mix I adopted at 5 years old whose owner "could no longer care for her." She was fully declawed (ugh!) and had been shaved due to a matted coat. She was at the shelter only 2 days and the volunteer told me the visitors were making fun of her because she had no fur and looked "like a lion." I saw total beauty in her great, green eyes and gentle purrsonality. Such cats are rare at the shelters - they usually end up at the specific breed rescues, but I was very lucky to have found my little Diva that day and she is the ruling Queen of this household. Weighing in at a very lean 18 1/2 pounds, she is bigger than most lap dogs. She loves people, travels exceptionally well in the car without her carrier (I bring it for safety reasons), and is a true "Gentle Giant."

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