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2007-09-24 13:52:04


6453.my cat
semba is thee most incredible cat on earth for me. other see just a normal cat which "he look like a lion" and all get scared and scream, finding evrything jumping across the room. although, that loin they are talking about he cant even hunt a fly!!!! he is the worst fly hunter ive ever seen. forgive me my dear semba, i dont mean any offence. but this is the fact. he is the one who approches to me and cuddel when im sad or feeling low. he talkes with me and try to make me laugh. he sometimes shouts at me if i hide his toy and going up and down serching for it. if i yelled at him for doing a mistake he just stand still, eyes on the ground waiting till i finish then leave and sitt in his box. with him doing that make me feel guilty and appologies to him. i dont need to swear that he appologises too. if i yalled at him (as for fun) for somthing he didnt actuall did. he stand for himself and yall me back saying :"I DIDNT DO IT". i cant stop myself laughing everytime i remember this. i love you boy. my semba

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