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2006-09-12 19:54:51
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This is a nice little list of all the cats that we can find in Anime. Please if you want to add a cat to the list, make sure that it is not already on the list... not like the list is very big as of now. ^.^. When you add a cat do it like this:
cats name-name of show it is from
Thank you, you may also add your name at the end so that we can know who contributed the cat. ^.^ Meow!
Once we get enough cats on the list we will make a poll and have a count down from the favorite cat to the least.

1. Hello Kitty - Hello Kitty [Neko-Chan]
2. Kirara - Inuyasha [Neko-Chan]
3. Buyo - Inuyasha [Furball Kurama]
4. Luna - Sailor Moon
5. Artemis - Sailor Moon
6. Diana - Sailor Moon
7. Kuroneko "The Cat" - Trigun [Kakashi]
8. Jiji - Kiki's Delivery Service
9. Kyo - Fruits Basket
10. Tama-Neko - Fushigi Yuugi
11. Kamineko - Azumanga Daioh
12. CatBus - My Neighbor Totoro
13. The Baron - The Cat's Return/Whisper of the Heart
14. Muta - The Cat's Return/Whisper of the Heart
15. Prince Lune - The Cat's Return
16. Yuki - The Cat's Return
17. Duzzle- Vampire Game [Cheshire]
18. Ichigo Momomiya- Mew Mew Power [Moonfleet]
19. Ura - El-Hazard
20. Noir 125 - Dakishimete! Noir
21. Felicia - Anime-styled Catgirl from a few capcom games (?)
22. Meowth, Persian, Skitty, Delcatty- Pokemon [Darkelvenwitch]
23. Aisha Clan Clan- Outlaw Star [Darkelvenwitch]
24. Nya- DearS [Darkelvenwitch]
25. Natoru (brown with floppy ears) - The Cat Returns [Opiel16]
26. Natori (grey advisor cat) - The Cat Returns [Opiel16]

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2006-04-30 [kittykittykitty]: Felicia counts right? Shes my favourite kitty character ^_^

2006-08-01 [Darkelvenwitch]: do my last 2 count?

2006-08-15 [kittykittykitty]: I would say so :) Looks like nobody is going to argue with you either way ;)

2006-09-12 [Opiel16]: Isnt "the cat's return" actually "the cat returns"? and BTW the baron's full name is Baron Humbert Von Gikkingen and Muta is also called Renaldo Moon.(maybe wrong but my film sez this) I just put basic description of natoru + notori coz otherwise noone would relate the name 2 the cat.

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