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2006-09-24 20:39:42
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Anti-Featured Members

If you DO NOT want to be featured for some reason then you can drop a comment or just tell the boss that sends you the message that you would rather not be featured. It's perfectly fine by us if you don't want to be :)

We'll take note of who you are and in turn you will not be featured ever until you want to be removed from the list. If you do want to be eligable for featuring once more you must message a boss or leave a comment and we'll open you up for interviewing once more.

No worries, we understand privacy here ;)


<img:/img/catimg/362_1114101572.jpg> Featured Cat Owner
<img:/img/catimg/362_1114101572.jpg> Featured Cat Owner Bosses
<img:/img/catimg/362_1114101572.jpg> Featured cat Owners Chosen
<img:/img/catimg/362_1114101572.jpg> Featured Cat Owner Criteria

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