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2005-02-11 11:19:29
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[coco-joe] Vs The Cream Monster

It started off well for CJ, he managed to dodge the slimey tenticles of The CM until he got disoriented when it split into three and charged at him, knocking down loads of HP. He came back, fists swinging, and pummeled it into the ground! Using a booster charm he quickly delt a crippling blow to its head.

In the hour he didnt manage to defeat it because it was to strong but he won by having the most HP left after the hour!!

[Law and Chaos] Vs The Kork

Law showed that shes no pushover by taking out the Kork in a few blows!!

[deathcypher] Vs The Kork

The Kork came back enraged by the defeat and took it out on DC. Of course, this battle went on for a while with DC no able to get any hits in on it! Kork made a huge move that delivered a crippling blow to DC, but the hour was up and DCs HP was higher than Kork!!

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