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As you enter the run-down brick house of the chief's, the aroma of flowers surrounds you. The walls were the same as outside, but they seemed much cleaner and rather pretty in their own way. It was a small house but it was warm. A fire was set in the fireplace, a chair with a few books stacked on it sat near the fire. On the far wall, near the chair, there was a large book case, filled without a single space between books. A table was to your left, it seemed to be set for what looked like tea. The whole place also seemed to have vases of roses everywhere which explained the aroma of flowers. There seemed to be two doors also on the far side of the room. You blink and look to your right quickly as a young woman seemed to appear. She smiled warmly at you before speaking. "You must be new...Or you may just be stopping to visit? Either way I'm sure I can help." she said, her voice soft and gentle but still with a sharp coldness to it as if she's seen much pain.
To join, Message [BI] with the following:

Character name:
Hair Color:
Hair Length:
Eye color:
Ear type: (Cat-like atop your head, cat-like where human ears would be, Human ears normal, Cat ears atop your head and human ears normal area)
Tails: (How Many, Design, length, colors, and anything else you wish to add.)
Shirt: (Description of the top clotheing if any is worn)
Pants: (Description of the bottum clotheing if any is worn)
Shoes: (Description of the Shoes if any are worn)
Other: (Any other things worn, scars, e.t.c.)
Tatoos: (if any)
Piercings: (If Any)
1.) [BI] Character name: Dawn (Or Dusk If Special Night Has Passed), Aluna (nickname) --Chief of F-HV (Feline-Humanoid Village)
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