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2013-02-18 17:33:12
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So you want to be featured eh? Or maybe you want to be nice and nominate a good friend of yours? Well, there's a bit of a criteria to go along with this ;)

It's not the strictest criteria ever but you do increase your chances of getting featured if your house somewhat follows it. One thing everyone loves is originality!

Questions? Message [djxmonster].


1) Originality is key! If you fill your house with song lyrics, those horrible survey's and other such things. Houses should display some sort of sense of creativity as well as the hoped for cat theme.

2) You should have something to do with cats. Even though we're called the Featured Cat Owner, we will feature cats, cat-people and even dogs! The occasional normal cat-less member if we really think they're worthy (some people do have allergies). There are members here for the sake of being here to chat, that is perfectly fine but seeing as this is a site having to do with cats it would be nice if you had something to do with them too.

3) The house should be in proper English. We understand if English is not your first language but it just gets ridiculous with the "FuNKy ChAT SpEeK!" So please use legible writing because it also improves your chances.

4) The house must follow the Uploading Art Rules and should be devoid of extract images in the description slots of the uploaded pictures.

5) Being active is also key! You could have entered a contest, donated to Meow Graphics or just made some memorable mark in the community. Inactive-ness is not what this community needs so be active people! ;)

6) You should have an image to be featured along with your interview. However we understand if you don't want an actual image used so you can substitute with a drawing of yourself or we'll have to feature you minus an image ;)


<img:/img/catimg/362_1114101572.jpg> Featured Cat Owner
<img:/img/catimg/362_1114101572.jpg> Featured Cat Owner Bosses
<img:/img/catimg/362_1114101572.jpg> Anti-featured Members
<img:/img/catimg/362_1114101572.jpg> Featured Cat Owners Chosen

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