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Webart By: [pixie_shimmer]


These hard-working people make up the Cathug crew. They are the few members who work to maintain Cathug and keep things in general order. They are also the best source of assistance when you can't seem to find your way around and the wikis cannot aid your endeavors.

The Crew Members:

[sammie h!]


See the retired crew members at Retired,

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2006-02-01 [magickchik]: No,but you don't need permission to take these,b/cthey don't have a "copyright" on them,and,they're free. i asked some people if it was o.k. if i used the pics. on this site,and they don't mind.i'll give you an address if you don't believe me.

2006-02-01 [Leara]: As soon as someone creates something which is theres, it's copyright to them. Something does not need the copyright symbol to be copyright.

2006-02-05 [magickchik]: gotcha

2006-02-08 [nokaredes]: Are we on Elfpack's server?

2006-02-08 [Sunrose]: Yes, [krill] :)

2006-02-10 [nokaredes]: *wasn't aware*

2006-03-01 [megestic_tiger]: greetings

2006-03-08 [Paz]: Hello, I am requesting a level 99 priv so I can try to upload some graphics to Meow Graphics. If it is okay? Thank you :)

2006-03-09 [Sunrose]: Fixed :)

2006-03-09 [Paz]: thank you :)

2006-03-16 [20matt06]: hi

2006-03-16 [Paz]: This page needs to be updated with the new crew members :)

2006-03-17 [Paz]: Oh, organizer! Oo. Thank you ;D

2006-04-06 [angle21]: HEY

2006-04-26 [Paz]: I sort of made the page look a bit nicer :) If no one likes it just delete the versions until it's fixed but I thought that this page could use a face lift XD

2006-04-28 [Leara]: Ok, I only just took notice, but is there a crew forum? I was on the forum, and trying to access posting on the contest, and it said they were private, so now I'm wondering. O.O

2006-04-28 [Paz]: You had never been added XD I added you though. Wonder how that happened?

2006-04-28 [Leara]: I dunno...especially since all the new members are on there. And here I was wondering where all the discussions on contests were going on too. Just a little annoyed now. >.>

2006-04-28 [Paz]: Prehaps someone was a tad forgetfull when you were made a crew member? XD

2006-04-28 [Leara]: Well I never got the crew badge, but my name was added to this page, so I'm just wondering whats going on, am I, or am I not a crew member?

2006-06-22 [Ultiem]: tis Ultiem wondering what i can do to help cathug

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