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Webart By: [pixie_shimmer]


These hard-working people make up the Cathug crew. They are the few members who work to maintain Cathug and keep things in general order. They are also the best source of assistance when you can't seem to find your way around and the wikis cannot aid your endeavors.

The Crew Members:

[sammie h!]


See the retired crew members at Retired,

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<img20*0:img/catimg/362_1114101572.jpg> Guards
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2005-08-16 [chocolatemonster]: no one's stopping you from making a wiki, but if there's no competition, don't waste your time :P

2005-08-17 [Leara]: Theres no real need for anymore council or guards here, so it would just get the hopes up of members who applied. o.O

2005-10-12 [Hedda]: OK, I've updated this page to reflect reality a little more.

2005-10-13 [Sunrose]: :)

2005-10-15 [Leara]: O.O Now I feel special. XD

2005-11-09 [brittbritt]: how do you load a pic on your description?

2005-11-09 [kid]: sad

2005-11-10 [mae2006]: I wanna be in the crew let me be in the crew

2005-11-19 [*angel but deviled*]: can i please be on the crew?

2005-11-29 [bluesoulsearcher]: Negative, Red Do--er--Cat Leader.

2006-01-06 [SKULLHEAD]: Can some one give me uploading priv so that I can use my wiki to upload my images 

2006-01-07 [Miss Lilu]: Meow...maybe...

2006-01-07 [Sunrose]: Fixed :)

2006-01-07 [Miss Lilu]: ^.^

2006-01-08 [SKULLHEAD]: thanks

2006-01-15 [xxlozzxx]: cool! lol! xxxxxxxxxxxx

2006-01-18 [Miss Lilu]: What is cool?

2006-01-23 [magickchik]: may i request uploading privs. for my wiki on anime kittens?

2006-01-23 [Sunrose]: What images will you upload?

2006-01-24 [magickchik]: different anime characterss and their kitties! but nothing inapropriate.

2006-02-01 [magickchik]: No,but you don't need permission to take these,b/cthey don't have a "copyright" on them,and,they're free. i asked some people if it was o.k. if i used the pics. on this site,and they don't mind.i'll give you an address if you don't believe me.

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