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How to Contact a Guard
You should never try to report another member's wrongdoing in a public location, so don't try to report them in the comments of this page. The best way to make sure the Guards see your problem is to go to the offending member's house and click on the button that says "Report member" and the Guards will see your report. However, if you cannot find the button, or you need help in a different way, then you can message one of the Guards directly via private message. (Try to message the one who will be most suited to help you.)


The Guard Captain

She is the leader of both the website, and of
the Guards. She is the person to talk to if you
think one of the Guards or a Council member
members is breaking the rules or has been unfair
to you.

The Guard Lieutenant

He is the head of the Guards. Talk to him
if another member has been bothering you in
private messages. He has the ability to read
all private messages on the site, even if another
member has deleted the message to try to hide it.
(He also trains new Guards.)

The Guard Sergeant

He is the second in command of the Guards. He
mostly deals with issues that the normal
Guards cannot handle. He has complete
control over all wikipages, being able to
see and edit any wikipage on the website.
He can even completely delete wikipages.
Talk to him if you have wikipage problems.

The Guard Constables

[Akane Ice] (Trainee)
The Constables are the ones who are responsible
for keeping the peace on Elf12; they are the
"moderators" of the site. If you are having a
problem with a member of the site, then these
are the people you want to talk to.

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