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Webart by [pixie_shimmer]


These members are the chosen few that do their best to keep Cathug the best place it can be. They are the claws and teeth of Cathug and keep the art thieves and trouble makers in line. The overall enforcers of the rules... the Cathug guards.
The guards of CatHug are:


The best way to contact them is be using the report-button on the offender's house. You can also use the "to the crew" forum for general questions, or this wiki-page's comment section.


The retired guards are listed at: retired,


- Council

Username (or number or email):


2005-06-21 [TheEvilHat]: And Stop Spamming The Gaurd Wiki!

2005-06-27 [daniellexxx]: wot evva

2005-07-06 [nokaredes]: Those images made up of letters can be reported, right...?

2005-07-08 [Sunrose]: Yes :) (they are called ASCII-images ;)

2005-07-10 [nokaredes]: Cool.

2005-07-10 [Leara]: It hasn't been posted here yet though, so you should allow them 3 days to remove them before reporting, instead of members being reported for something they don't yet know their doing wrong.

2005-07-10 [Hedda]: [Leara]: If someone breaks the rules, we correct them as soon as we can. It's no punishment to be reported.

2005-07-10 [Hedda]: [nokaredes]: If someone makes an ASCII-image by themself of a nice cat, it's of course very welcome ;-) But copied stuff that are seen everywhere, is just annoying and we don't want it here.

2005-07-12 [nokaredes]: Of course! // Who is [Cat Guard]? S/he says s/he is the newest CH guard...

2005-07-12 [djxmonster]: Pay no attention... unless they are listed on this page AND have a badge, they are not a guard

2005-08-03 [bamsk8er223]: could i be a guard?

2005-08-03 [Sunrose]: No.

2005-08-31 [Moonfleet]: Excuse me, but I seem to be having a problem on my house. Whenever I try and click the "Change Your Presentation" button, I get a page that says that I am banned because of someone called 'KuteKitty'...I'm kind of confused, and I would really like to be able to update my presentation a bit. ^^;

2005-09-01 [Sunrose]: Should be solved now :)

2005-09-03 [Moonfleet]: Oh, thank you so much! ^.^

2005-10-06 [Shadow Phoxx]: Hi so how do you become a guard

2005-10-07 [Leara]: Read the FAQ :P

2005-10-11 [djxmonster]: This is NOT the place to chat.

2005-11-14 [santana]: I have a really big problem. [CHUCHITA] junps to other friends screen names n talks not just to me but other ppl as well. n makes up rumors inside n out side of ch. I believe she needs to be delt with! she already messin my life up. she should have to mess anyone eleses 2. the other name she gets on. even though they have other pics, n discription. ineed she gets on their ch name. they r [Carlina] n [nena_boricua]

2005-11-14 [Hedda]: [santana]: No reason to bring that up in both messages, guard-reports and here. A guard-report is enough. But a report that aren't more specific than that will be ignored. We don't kick out people because you don't like them or because you're having an argument. We kick out people if they refuse to leave someone alone or if they send out crap to random people. And we can't do anything about things outside of CatHug

2005-12-04 [Angel of Ice]: I have a question. Are chain letters against the rules here? *prays that they are*

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