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2010-04-11 05:57:17
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Welcome to the Elf12 Index Wiki!
Here you can find mostly anything Elf12 related: help, information, art, poetry, collaborative stories, role-playing games, and much more.

You can also create your own wiki-page and invite your friends to join with
the new "invite feature" in the right hand column and if you want your page added to the index, message one of the Wiki Bosses!



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2010-02-23 [Yuriona]: omg this page is awesome! XD I'm curious though... when'd we get the mini banners??

2010-02-23 [Angelo]: [Nehirwen] made them when she faffed the page. xD
Yeah, this page makes me want to learn the box tag.

2010-02-23 [Yuriona]: Cool. ^^ I sorta get the box tag. The table tag eludes me though.

2010-02-23 [Angelo]: Yeah, I can use table, but I have no idea how to use box. Never even tried. o.o

2010-03-17 [Nehirwen]: Half of the related pages are already listed on this wiki, do they really need to be mentioned twice?

2010-03-17 [Yuriona]: omg! you've figured out the box tag! :O

That must be why I have a million wiki change notices. <img:stuff/curses%20aka%20shake%20fist.png>

2010-03-17 [Nehirwen]: Those changes are in a table. :p
There are just some links added everywhere. *thinks they're redundant on this one*

2010-03-17 [Nehirwen]: and if you want your page added to the index, message one of the Wiki Bosses.
what index are we talking about?

2010-03-17 [Yuriona]: And do we want private member pages listed on an official index page? Though I think adding a section of non-official pages like RPs, contests, etc is a good idea as long as the content on the wikis follow the Uploading Art Rules.

2010-03-17 [Angelo]: @ Yuri Welll, I figured we can have a link added for private pages, once we get to the point where we need 'em.

@ Neh -- I added the box tag. All over the place. xP  Also, I was thinking on just making a separate page for member's pages. Just not at 5 am, since that's when I did most of this. Allso, I was thinking about the redundant links as well. A lot of pages are linked on the actual page. I was debating taking them off the bottom, unlinking them on the actual page, or just leaving 'em as it was. Once again though, it was 5 am and I wanted to sleep. <img:stuff/yeah%20awesome%20whoohoo.png>

2010-03-17 [Nehirwen]: Really? x) *is blind*
A separate page would be nice. :)

2010-03-25 [Katana the Cat]: You mean I'm not the only one who sometimes ends up doing stuff around the site at 5 AM?

2010-03-25 [Yuriona]: That depends on the time zone you're in. If you mean 5am EST then yes 'cuz Yuri is still sleepin' then... usually. >_>

2010-03-25 [Angelo]: I've only been on around 1 am to 5 am EST lately.

Katana, you live in Aussie.. so your 5 am is roughly mid-day for us USA folks. xP

2010-03-25 [Katana the Cat]: It's 5 AM now, and I just logged on a few minutes ago. <img:>

2010-03-26 [Angelo]: That was 13 hours ago for me.. so about 5 pm my time. xD

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