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2006-03-27 00:00:26
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HI! this is Meow! welcome to my wiki! just... talk or something..anything! ^_^ right!
Okay to make this wiki more interesting i will accept any offers for a badge!!^_^ not that it is boring or anything....right? people? it's not boring.


[milk and cookies]-Cat lover
[Bonk]-Cat owner and lover =^-^=
[Ittie Bittie Prittie Kittie]-Cat person
[ZoZ]-loves all cats, catowner, cat
[Birdhouse107] loves all cat especially ones that love to play and be fussed!
[firstlight]-she-cat....wot more can i say?!
[catelfemma] Cat owner: Person who owned by a cat.
[Naomi] i have 2 cats....i love them
[jLoBuTt] cats r cool i have 30 so im a cat lover and owner
[Tiger] - she-cat! I'm a kitty!! And proud to be! =^.^=
[Kethianna] -Cat lover AND cat owner *snuggles her Tiger baby*
[clownsies] hiya im a mutant she-cat and i really like to play rough and be stroked
[kyou_neko_lover]- i love kyou and i am a cat-girl

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2004-10-15 [puss_n'_boots]: Hi and welcome to meow!

2004-10-15 [Phenomenon]: thought you should know; the link on your page doesn't really work

2004-10-15 [Phenomenon]: and while i'm here i might as well ask what this wiki is all about

2004-10-16 [milk and cookies]: I LOVE CATS!

2004-10-17 [puss_n'_boots]: Yeah sorry about that!! *blush* i forgot the exclamation mark!!!

2004-10-17 [KatKraazy]: are you guys both on elftown?

2004-10-17 [Bonk]: can i post a link to my wiki here?

2004-10-17 [puss_n'_boots]: um..if it relates to this wiki I guess so. but other than that...

2004-10-18 [Bonk]: well it sorta does =P it's Crazy Kittens

2004-10-18 [puss_n'_boots]: LMao! well know it 's up there!

2004-10-18 [ZoZ]: should I just sign up to be a member? I could make a badge in paint, if thats ok. Is it only Shavlon who´s attacking my feets when I´m sleeping or do your cats do that to?

2004-10-19 [Bonk]: ... mine are not allowed in my room =P

2004-10-19 [ZoZ]: OK. I´ve tried that but she´s real LOUDLY

2004-10-19 [puss_n'_boots]: my cats are crazy...they play really lodly in the middle of the night waking everybody up so i have to seperate them... and yes you can put your name up!

2004-10-20 [ZoZ]: I´ll do.

2004-10-20 [puss_n'_boots]: ^_^

2004-10-22 [puss_n'_boots]: hello?! my dear peoplz!

2004-10-25 [ZoZ]: Hellops!

2004-12-12 [Bonk]: can i add this to Crazy Kittens? ^_^

2005-01-03 [catelfemma]: A shamless plug: all you lot who are members of Elftown or Elfpack, go to Elftown and Elfpack!

2005-01-18 [Opiel16]: mmmmmmmmmmmm....... plug.......

2005-01-19 [Bonk]: did that already ;)

2005-01-22 [LiL' Hustler]: Now I don’t like Cats, but….OH MY GOD! LOOK WHAT THEY ARE DOING!<img:> <img:> <img:> <img:> <img:> <img:> <img:> <img:> 

2005-01-25 [leomonexethe3rd]: thats so wrong, i say this as a almot vegan

2005-01-25 [Bonk]: OMFG =S

2005-01-25 [leomonexethe3rd]: i know

2005-02-15 [jfd]: i agree with [LiL' Hustler]. i absolutely hate cats cos i like birds, and cats eat birds - but cruelty to animals is wrong. they should be given the choice. omg - check out that made me want to turn vegan, and if u do, ill give u peeps the weblink to a load of vegan recipes n stuff. lmao

2005-03-16 [Lioness2]: I have to admit, i don't agree with veganism, i think all animals have their need for certain foods, even cats are omnivorus, like us. But still...that does NOT excuse the horrific way people in other countries and animal testers treat their cats. How come when humans volunteer to be guinue pigs for the med companies, they are treated like kings (been there, done that), but when animals are taken and FORCED to participate, they treat them like they have no feelings, emotins or senses. This world really and truley sucks...

2005-03-16 [jfd]: totally

2005-03-16 [jfd]: i agree with vegetarians though

2005-03-17 [Lioness2]: Yes, i can understand least there's SOME nutrients in that that you might find in yeah, ok...

2005-05-09 [lucifer]: that rrly wrong to do to cats

2005-05-11 [you think you know]: HOW CAN PEOPLE BE THAT MEAN!!!

2005-05-13 [jfd]: god i know

2005-05-21 [Chii-Chan]: hi!!!!!^^

2005-05-21 [clownsies]: hello everyone

2005-06-09 [angels watch over me]: hi pepls

2005-06-11 [jfd]: plah

2005-06-14 [lovelyduck]: i don't like animal cruelty

2005-07-30 [Miss Lilu]: How about something like this than <img:stuff/C%3AMy%20DocumentsMy%20Picturesin%20progresscathug%20stuffag.gif>

2005-07-31 [Kethianna]: --> Against Animal Cruelty!!!!

2005-08-24 [kyou_neko_lover]: hey, watz up

2005-12-16 [kittywitty]: hello to the people that i dont know but i want to get to know you ok :)

2006-07-17 [Black_Roses]: aww, I melt under kats//

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