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[for the] guards[to take over when they want]




The Patrol Squad is made up of people wanting to follow the path of the Armour and Sword. They are
people who have read, understood, and accepted the guidelines in Uploading Art Rules. They have
proven themselves, helping out the CatHug Guards so that the rules are respected.

They are some of the many people who do respect the rules on CatHug, and who think it is unfair that
other people can break them, after themselves being told in the past to respect them, and having done
so. Many people do report to the Guards about the misbehaviors, or simply message people breaking
the rules about them. They are not Patrollers, or anything other than committed CatHuggers.


Not all of them are so brave as to get their names here. To get your name here you must:
  ♦ Make sure you know the Uploading Art Rules.
  ♦ Make a lot of good reports on members violating the Uploading Art Rules.
  ♦ Make sure you aren't violating these rules yourself!

The Guards will then appoint you as one of the Patrollers, when they feel you are suited for this title.


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2011-05-14 [djxmonster]: Thanks for the thought but patrollers will not be used on Cathug...

2012-01-30 [Stephen]: Hey, this is a very official looking page.

+1 on Sammie's creation skillz.

2012-01-30 [sammie h!]: Thanks [Stephen]

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