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Name: K. Irvine

Photo missing.


Heese always sleeps in the laundry room - I've just poked him awake so he's looking a little rougher than usual!

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My immediate family have 4 cats -

Wicca, a tortishell smoke moggie. She's actually my mum's cat and she likes to eat my head. She's 13 years old, completely evil and definitely my mother's favourite child!

Boudicea, a jet black moggie with orange lanturn eyes. Boudie is my own cat and she hunts me around the garden, sleeps on my bed and lies on my chest and purrs when I'm feeling sick. I sometimes think she's just waiting for me to die so she can have the bed...

Loveday, a tiny little patchy tortishell belonging to my sister. She's a year old and a real sweetie-pie.

Heese, a huge, doglike tabby with asthma and a broken tail who started as a stray. He drinks out of the toilet, eats gravel, peas, chocolate and coffee beans and he can play fetch!

We live on a farm so we have 3 feral farmcats called Leroy, Jeeves and Dirty Mary. There are at least 5 others who don't have names and move around more.

Age: 19Year of birth: 1986

Gender: male human

What do you do?: Something in between

Place of living: United Kingdom-Northern Ireland

Exact place of living: Fermanagh

Known languages

Favorite cat-races
non-race catsAbyssinianBombay
Colorpoint ShorthairCornish RexDevon Rex
Havana BrownNorwegian Forest CatOcicat

adult popalternativeblues
countryfolk musicgoth
grungeheavy metalnew age
popprogressive metalpunk

Other interests
crime storieshistorysewing

Civil status: strange

Sexual preference: unknown

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