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Daily Poem

To All My Friends

When your down and feeling blue,
When your tears fall down your face,
When you think that no one cares,
Know that I will always be there.

When you wear a smile upon your face,
When you run without a care,
When the world is going right,
Know that your life it shines real bright.

When the stars fall from the sky,
When the sun no longer shines,
When the oceans vast run dry,
Know that love will never die.

Life is a journey we all must take,
Where we'll end up, who's to say,
So my friends remember everyday,
To give thanks for all we shared,
All the happy, all the sad,
All the laughter, all the pain,
For its made us who we are today,
Friends until the time we all must part,
But I'll see you again one day,
Then we'll dance the nights away.

Written by: [Morningstar Rising]

Date: 2011-07-12 03:39:07
What Happens Next? #: 49
Submitted by: Akane Ice

Daily Poem

Now, here's an award winning poem written by [Mortified Penguin] back in 2009 for the Halloween Poetry Contest on Elftown.

The Elftown Ball

'Twas the night of Halloween and all through the town,
Men wore their tuxes and women donned their gowns.
In the effulgent moonlight they would dance, one and all,
For at last, it was the night of the masquerade ball.

Organizing the festival was, indeed, quite a task,
But it was all worth it, when they each held their mask.
It was a time to be carefree, a time to have fun,
They could finally let loose, the party had just begun.

Midway through the night, once Hedda was quite drunk,
Mortified Penguin drove his car through the wall with a "clunk"!
"Waz goin' own?!" he proclaimed with a shout,
"You ran over Hedda!" they replied, "You knocked him clean out!"
The penguin chuckled real loudly and ate an hors d'œuvre,
"What's wrong with that guy?!" "He's got some nerve!"

He paid them no mind and kept on eating,
"Call a doctor!" they shouted, "Hedda is bleeding!"
"Don't worry, you guys! He's just an old lecher!"
Mort only got glares as Hedda left in a stretcher.

An hour, some cake, and sixteen martinis later,
Mort started wrestling with an enraged alligator.
The guards and townspeople all gathered 'round,
"We think you'd better leave. Get out of Elftown!"

"I didn't want to be here anyway!" he boisterously exclaimed
He went on to say, "I hope you all get maimed!"
As he drove away in his car, he said, with a shout,
"Eat at Bob's Diner! Peace! I'm out!"

Written by [Mortified Penguin]

Admittedly, it wasn't really a poem children should read, but it'll be gone tomorrow, so don't worry.


This was not brought to you by one of the Poem Bosses.

Date: 2011-06-30 05:24:07
What Happens Next? #: 48
Submitted by: Mortified Penguin

Daily Poem

This time the (not so-Daily) Daily Poem being featured is entitled: Angels.

The angels carry their child.
Even when she is sleeping she is wild.
Flowers call her name.
Her spirit always stays the same.
Nature’s true beauty lies in those with purest hearts.
Flying with the angels is your wondrous start.

Written by: [Velvet Kisses].


We, the Poem Bosses, want to congratulate Velvet Kisses on her fantastic poem. Stop by her house to see the medal she's received for her writing.
Members (that's YOU) can submit poems to be possibly featured on Mainstreet. Winners receive a medal, and a blurb with their poem in it for a while. Interested? Contact one of the Poem Bosses.

Date: 2010-10-29 00:22:30
What Happens Next? #: 47
Submitted by: Stephen

Daily Poem

Today the Daily Poem is proud to present 'Depression'

Depression is a long lasting disease
its a disease that's hard to heal
it makes you wanna fall to your knees
and I didn’t even know what to feel
Depression...I didn’t know who I was
I didn’t know how to be happy
I didn’t know who I loved
I always felt crappy and this is why
Depression is a long disease hard to heal

Written by [cruptedangel]


Daily Poem! Members can submit a poem to be possibly featured on Mainstreet. For more information, contact one of the Poem Bosses.

Date: 2010-05-06 01:40:29
What Happens Next? #: 46
Submitted by: Akane Ice
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