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2011-11-02 17:19:49
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This member is currently the only member running the Featured Cat Owner. She maintains which members are featured and when. If you have any questions concerning the featured program send her a message and she'll have an answer!


[sammie h!]

Do not message the boss asking why you have yet to be featured because she will not answer such questions. You will be featured in due time so do not be impatient because that will only decrease your chances.


<img:/img/catimg/362_1114101572.jpg> Featured Cat Owner
<img:/img/catimg/362_1114101572.jpg> Featured Cat Owners Chosen
<img:/img/catimg/362_1114101572.jpg> Anti-featured Members
<img:/img/catimg/362_1114101572.jpg> Featured Cat Owner Criteria

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2011-08-02 [sammie h!]: Who is the boss now

2011-08-02 [djxmonster]: Nobody at the moment

2011-08-03 [djxmonster]: Unrelated comments logged and removed.

2011-10-30 [sammie h!]: May I be the boss on here.

2011-11-02 [djxmonster]: Sure... for the moment

2011-11-02 [sammie h!]: It won't let me access it, it says

Wrong password! No update of page made.

2011-11-02 [djxmonster]: Why don't you do something related to this before you try to become a boss?

2011-11-02 [sammie h!]: I have done, the wiki I gave you with lots of other wikis on there.

2011-11-02 [djxmonster]: Yes, but the wiki's are more or less blank.

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