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Going to Italy?

Italy's full of cats! Probably you will go and visit Rome... well Rome has more than a cat colony protected by the city. hundreds of kittycats walking around the monuments, would you miss the opportunity to speak to them?

Cat = Gatto (male) - Gatta (female)
Kitty = Micio (male) - Micia (female)
tail= Coda
Nails= unghie
Hello! = Ciao!
Good Morning! = Buongiorno!
Come Here kitty! = Vieni qui Micio!
to pet/to caress = accarezzare
a caress = una carezza
to purr = fare le fusa
tabby cat= gatto tigrato (male) - gatta tigrata (female)
Are you hungry?= Hai fame?
Are you thirsty= Hai sete?
food= cibo/pappa
water= acqua

(under construction)

If you want to know something just ask in the comment box i will add it!

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